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Oct 8, 2014

Ashley G Screen Print Tutorial

Do you remember the Ashley Goldberg screen print I mentioned in my previous post? Well... today I had a chance to play with it & I think this little project turned out so cute!

If you've never tried them, it's SUPER easy. It's so easy, in fact, that it only takes ~10 seconds to demonstrate.  Check it out!

I just used some watercolors that I had on hand, but acrylics work great too.  I found this frame at Wal-mart for under $3, so these make very inexpensive gifts (but look like you spent much more on them!)  I hope you give them a try!

*Here's a direct link to the video (The blog seems to cut off some of the text.)


  1. Fabulous! how amazing that screenprinting is possible on cardstock. i thought it was only doable on fabrics or specialty papers. It's multiple use? Like a stencil? P.S. thanks for always sharing such gorgeous inspiration.

    1. Thanks Mel! And yes - you can definitely use it on a lot of different mediums. I've used the screen prints on smooth cardstock, patterned paper, & canvas with great results. I did, however, try it on letterpress paper & I don't recommend that. The adhesive on the screen print stuck & tore the paper when I tried that. I think the paper fibers weren't tight enough. I also wouldn't recommend it for watercolor paper. I think it would have the same issue.


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