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Aug 29, 2014

My Proud Mama Moment

My son ran off the bus yesterday with a look of complete elation.  He's in the 3rd grade now & just found out that he could run for student council.  He said he needed to write a speech because the election was the next day... and then he got to work.
My youngest is a natural leader.  He gets it from my husband & both of them have this magnetism that I just can't explain.  People just flock to them, kind of like the Pied Piper.

But... this is where my "proud mama" moment comes in & I just wanted to document it so that I'll remember it one day when he's all grown up.  :)

As he was writing his speech, I told him to think of qualities that he had that would make him a good choice for this role.  He thought for awhile & then had a "light bulb moment."  He said, "Mom, I think I'm different from a lot of other kids in my class because I like to be friends with everyone, & not just certain ones."  He went on to say that there was a new kid in his class that had a deformity & a lot of the other kids picked on him & were bullies.  He said that it really upset him when the other kids acted like that, because this new boy was really nice & he couldn't help that his body was different.

I told him how proud I was of him & how important it was to really be a good friend to this boy.  The other kids in the class really look up to my son as a leader & I hope his example trickles down.  It's times like this when I feel like we're doing something right as parents... even though many days I feel like I've completely failed at the job. ;)
I think my son's main objective for becoming a student council member is to change the cafeteria food.  I'm not going to lie.  It's bad.  I wouldn't eat it & I'm not picky at all.  Our schools have tried to be "healthy", but in doing so, the food has become almost inedible.  (My boys begged us not to vote for President Obama because they wanted decent cafeteria food again.  They want to invite Michelle to their schools so that she can see what a "healthy school lunch" tastes like.)  ;)  I use to make my kids eat at school at least a few days a week so that they could get a little more variety, but it has gotten so bad that I pack their lunches every day.  I'm not sure how much pull a 3rd grade student council member has for the county's cafeteria plan, but I'm wishing him the best!


  1. My 5th grade student council always wants to change the bad school lunches as well! When your son is in 5th grade, can I have him? Lol! Such a sweetie! Good luck to him!

  2. Another valid reason not to vote for Obama. Smart Kid


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