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Sep 24, 2011

My Newest Sewing Project: Reverse Appliqué Fall Purse

I love paper crafting... but sometimes I get the itch to pull out my sewing machine and create something with fabric.  I've been dying to make a new fall purse and this one has been in the planning phase for quite awhile.

Last spring, I bought this mustard-colored (1950-60 era) dress from a cool little vintage resale shop in St. Louis.  It was a hideous styled garment, so I got a pretty good deal on it.... and I knew that I wanted to use it to create a purse for the fall.

Fast forward ~6 months and it's finally finished.  It was the first day of fall & I was itching to get crafty.  I just started taking The Good Life class by Amy Tangerine for Big Picture Classes.  This week's lesson is on reverse appliqué, and I wanted to try my new skills on my bag.

Can I just say... I love her.  :)

Please forgive my uneven stitching... but I'm learning.  :)  To create my pocket, I layered a piece of yellow fabric over my print and stitched around the pattern that I wanted to reveal.  (The outline was easy to see from the back side.)  Then... I just snipped away the fabric that was inside my stitching lines to reveal the print from below.

The inside of my bag was just too pretty not to share.  :)  I love the zippered pocket and the heavy-duty snap closure.  The button on the front of my bag is for decoration only & really has no purpose other than looking pretty.

Oh!  And I had to show you her back side.  (Hmmm... that just sounds wrong.)  Since I made my purse from a dress, I wanted to preserve just a bit of that history, so I included part of the back zipper.  I think it's very cute back there.  :)

I decided at the last minute that I needed a photo of the coordinating key chain I made.  This pic was taken with my phone, so the color's a little off... but you get the idea.

So... thanks for taking a peek at my new projects!  I think I love fabric as much as I love patterned paper... and this sewing project was just what I needed to get my mojo back.  Hopefully I'll have some fun new paper crafted projects for you soon!


  1. OHHH! This is a gorgeous bag! I LOOOVE the colors and the reverse applique! I love that you made the dress into a purse----FAB! YOU amaze me:)

  2. oh wow, this is amazing! I'm sure you will enjoy using this fabulous bag for many years. love that reverse applique, it's a really special feature!

  3. wow ... that is sooo cute! i wish i could sew!!! :) great project!!

  4. I love this bag. It’s "sew" pretty and the color is very happy in a fall kind of way. Your uneven stitching is actually my favorite part. I love when you can tell that it was handmade :)


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