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Dec 19, 2010

Quick Christmas Gift & Packaging

 I just thought I'd pop in and share a quick little gift idea.  These little Christmas pockets are SO easy to make!  Just fold the end of a paper bag up to make a pocket... and zip around the edges with your sewing machine.  Zip!  Zap!  ... and you're done!

I used some of my Snow Day Collection from Crate Paper to dress it all up. (Please forgive my photos as of late.  I bought a cheap little Nikon point & shoot... and it's just plain terrible!  Hopefully the store will allow me to return it.  Bleck!   I SO wish Santa could bring me a nice camera that could take detailed shots.  Sigh......)

And... going with the 'paper bag' theme... I dressed up a white bag to coordinate.  I packaged a couple other gifties inside to go along with the Christmas pocket & thankfully they all fit perfectly in there.  :)

I have more quick holiday gift ideas.  Hopefully I'll have time to post more soon! :)


  1. Really cute!! And not too fussy!! I was just browsing through your blog (love it!!) Saw the gift for "Mrs. Pestoff". Sounds like your little one goes to preschool at my church!! I'll be back! Have a great day!

  2. oh what darlings! I love your little bagg-ets :) You have the sweetest ideas, Miss Julie.. and no worries about the photos. I can't do any better than you in that field too :)

  3. These are really sweet gifts you made! I am going to try and duplicate the first one for my daughter's teachers. Happy Holidays! :) Amy

  4. TOTALLY love love love your bags and creations! These are super cute--LOVE THEM! I am asking Santa for a ticket to your place--I need to watch you and learn from you:) LOVE IT!


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