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Dec 23, 2010

Hip Hop! Quick Christmas Gift Ideas

I love the art of paper crafting... especially during the holiday season!  I love picking out little gifts for people & letting them know how special they are to me.  I've never been able to buy extravagant presents, but to me... that's not what Christmas is about.  Presents are a way of sharing what's in our hearts.  I have always enjoyed making little goodies for my family and friends & paper crafting allows me to take a simple gift and make it special.

So... if you're looking for a last minute gift idea... here's one of the things I did this year.  Walmart has some of the BEST candles!!!  I love Yankee candles... but they are just not in my budget.  So... I purchased several large Better Homes & Garden candles for $5 each.  They smell SO good & burn beautifully.  

I covered the label with patterned paper & a doily... tied on a ribbon... and added this adorable Christmas postage stamp image to spruce up the gift a little.  It only takes a few minutes to do, but I think it makes the candles look so festive!

We spotted a red headed woodpecker in our huge oak tree recently & my youngest son decided that the little birdies needed Christmas presents too!  We found a recipe for Bird Seed Ornaments and created lots of yummy treats for our feathered friends!  This morning, we looked out the window & saw the most beautiful cardinal & a few of his friends thoroughly enjoying their presents!

Father Christmas made a surprise visit at the end of my son's preschool Christmas program.  Neither of my boys were too sure of him & were convinced he wasn't the real thing because his beard was gray instead of white.  But... I convinced them to get their picture taken with him anyway & they actually smiled.  (This seems to be a rarity with them these days.  They both have a forced, fake smile that they like to make.)

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!  I'm so excited to have several days off of work to spend with my family.  :)

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Jen Erickson has been naughty or nice this year....

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  1. very fun - thank you and same to you all!

  2. soooo sweet! great ideas and love that your little one thought of the birdies! Merry Christmas, Julie!

  3. Cute gift idea:) Bet the birds loved their gifts also!

  4. What a wonderful idea with the candle, it looks beautiful!!!

    I love that your little one wanted to make presents for the birds, how cute!!!

    Both of your boys are adorable.... I wish my two still believed in Santa, but I still put from Santa on their gifts!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  5. So fun! Love how you've dressed up the candles--such a cute and sweet holiday gift!

  6. I love your altered candle! Happy Holidays to you and your family, Julie!

  7. This candle wrap is super cute! It is perfect for the All Things Unity challenge!! LOOOOOOOOVE how clever you are! I am going to bookmark this post because of that birdseed idea! CLEVER! And what a fun gift to give! LOVE IT:) Merry Christmas to you, Julie!!

  8. Love how you dressed up the candle!! Thanks for sharing they are nice smelling & burn good candles. I will have to pick up one or two. I love candles~

    Love your birdie treats your son made. I love all the colored birds. They are hard to attract to my yard though.

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Great idea of combining paper crafting and candles as gifts! Your boys are adorable.

  10. Great idea... The postage stamp is an adorable addition to your gift. Cute boys! Happy Holidays... *smile*


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