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Oct 23, 2010

New Jenni Bowlin Inks Review

I caved and went on a little shopping spree this past week.  :)  Have you seen the new Jenni Bowlin inks by Ranger?  I'm not going to lie... I wanted them because of their names mostly.  LOL!  They have such CUTE names... like 'Chicken Feed' & 'Seed Packet' & 'Soap Powder'.  This country girl just couldn't resist their charm!  So... since these are fresh on the market, I thought I'd give you my first impressions & do a little review.

I'm sure you're all curious to see what they look like.  I made a little chart and stamped each color.  The color names are written underneath each flower.  (I used a rubber stamp that had both solid/fine areas to really test it out.)  You can click on the picture to enlarge.

The ink pads themselves are a little smaller than other ink pads I own.  They measure 3" x 2".  I like that they can be stacked on top of one another for storage purposes.  I really need to make little labels to go on the sides so that I can quickly grab the pad that I want to use.

The pad are dye inks & are acid free.  They have a nice raised 1/4" felt pad and seem to have a good amount of ink inside.  A few of my pads were juicier than others, and I'm sure they reinkers will be something I'll want to invest in in the future.  (I try to never buy inks that can not be refilled.)

I really love the shades of ink in this new collection!  They are very fresh and trendy... but also have a traditional, lasting feel to them.  I know all computer screens are different, so I thought I'd describe each color just a bit.

  • Brown Sugar - This is your classic, dark brown.  It doesn't have any 'red' undertones (which I love) and kind of reminds me of a Hershey bar.  I'll be using this one a lot!
  • Malted Milk - This might be my ultimate favorite color in the set!  It's a dark cream color & is just beautiful!  I could see it used for subtle backgrounds or for inking up the edges of a project.  I love it
  • Lemon Drops - This is a bright, almost golden yellow.  It's so fun and happy.
  • Chicken Feed - I was so happily surprised by this color!  I was expecting a muted peach... but instead, it's a vibrant orange.  It goes really well with Studio Calico's Mister Huey's Sunshine mist.
  •  Fountain Pen - This is a classic black.  I debated about getting this one because I already have black ink, but I'm glad I did.  It was nice & juicy & worked perfectly with my Copic markers.  No heat setting necessary!  It didn't smear a bit even when using skin colors and yellows.  It made a nice impression with my detailed images too.
  • Cough Syrup - This is a cheery, beautiful red.  It has a very slight hint of pink - but mostly it's a pure, primary red color.
  • Chili Powder - This red has more of a darker, burgundy look.  I think it would be beautiful to use on holiday projects.
  • Chewing Gum - Another really happy surprise.  I think good shades of pink are hard to find.  this one is PERFECT and I don't have anything else like it. It's not too light & not too dark... and cute as a button!
  • Seed Packet - I'm really getting into this fresh, primary green shade.  It's a great grass-green color and another great one for the upcoming Christmas season.
  • Stick Candy - An adorable soft green.  It's similar to Papertrey Ink's Spring Moss.
  • Soap Powder - This is a fun light blue shade!  It goes so perfectly with the other colors in the set too!  Like a perfect blue summer sky!
  • Spice Tin - I was SO happy to finally have a navy that I liked!  This one is nice and rich... and would layer beautifully with the Soap Powder ink.
I mentioned this earlier, but these inks work REALLY well with Copics.  They dry very quickly and there was absolutely NO smearing when I colored over the stamped images.

I hope this little review was helpful!  I know a lot of scrapbooking shops and online shops are now carrying the inks.  (I purchased mine from Blue Moon Scrapbooking.)  There are also matching paint dabbers available for purchase.  Please let me know if you have any questions!


  1. The review is AWESOME, sweetie! And do you know that Jenni lives in my town? Our new LSS just got all her stuff and well, now I'm out a lot of cash, LOL!!!! GOnna go tomorrow and scoop these up-AMAZING!!! Thanks for the review and I LOVE the Unity stamp you used to do it :)

  2. Great review Julie! I like how you described the colors! It makes me want to get the rest of them... especially the black! I didn't get that one on my trip to the LSS because I have a black that I love but I can always use a new one... like you said... that you can get the reinkers for. I don't think I can for the one I have now! Will save me money in the long run!

  3. I've been wondering about these. thanks!

  4. Great review, Julie! I almost bought these, too! Loved the names of the colors, and the size. FABULOUS info!

  5. Thank you so much for this review, I'm looking to getting the collection on Jenni Bowlin inks and the descriptions you gave were wonderful!!
    Yep, I'm going to get them all. :)


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