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Sep 7, 2008

Oven Template

Several of you have been asking for a template for the little oven I posted earlier last week. Hopefully these pictures will help you create your own --- but if you have any more questions, please e-mail me. :)

This is how I made mine:

  1. Trim 1/2" off of your cardstock so that your main piece is 8.5" x 10.5".
  2. Score the long side at 0.5", 3.5", 7", and 10".
  3. Score the shorter side at 2.5" and 6".
  4. Fold all of the scored marks.
  5. Cut only where you see the dark black lines in the picture below.
You now have the main base for your oven. Fold it up and use extra sticky tape to hold it together.

You will also need some accessory pieces cut from the same color of cardstock.
  • One piece cut to 3.5" x 2". Score 1.5" down as shown below. this will be the bottom "drawer" of your oven. You can add more score marks for decoration if you would like. (see original post for pictures).
  • I added a piece of a Clear Card Sheet (or acetate) to create a glass oven door. If you want to add this to your oven, just cut to size and adhere it to the back side of the "drawer" piece that you've just created. I mitered the corners of mine at the top so that it could easily open and close. (closes kind of like the top of a cereal box)
  • Cut a piece of cardstock 3.5" x 5.5". This is the back of your oven. You can add more cardstock and stamping to accessorize it with "knobs" etc.
  • You can also add a square of cardstock to the top of your oven in a contrasting color. This is where your burners will be. I stamped mine using two different floral images that reminded me of oven burners.)

So.... that's about it! I think these boxes are so adorable & I'm so glad Lauren came up with such a brilliant idea! I'd love to see your versions of these ovens too! And please... don't hesitate to e-mail me if my directions are not clear enough. Have fun! :)


  1. Very cool. Thank you for the great template.

  2. Thank you so much. This helped me a lot in figuring this out.

  3. Julie, Thanks for posting this. I have several showers coming up, and thought this was adorable. You're sweet to offer the template. Love your blog!

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