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Sep 13, 2008

My "followers"

Have you guys seen this fun new widget called 'followers' that you can add to your blogs? I'd love to see who's following this blog! Just click the link on the right column. :) Thanks!!!


  1. how funny! i just discovered this today too, and blogged about it!I would love to be one of your followers!! :)

  2. okay apparently i am a total goon. i can't figure out how to make myself a follower!!!! i tried clicking on everything there, and its not working for me!!! i won't give up though!!

  3. I'm gonna click! You know I'm your follower, girlie! ;)

  4. yeah, today it worked! i don't know why it wouldn't let me click last night!!!

  5. I'm following. I would put one of these on my blog...if I had more subscribers....sniff, sniff :(


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