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Nov 1, 2007

My Little Trick or Treaters

I just had to share a few pictures of my boys. I asked them what they wanted to be next year and both of them yelled, "LEGOS!".... so I think they enjoyed the costumes. LOL! We had a lot of fun. I love this age!


  1. Oh Julie - they are both adorable - you did a great job with their costumes! I love how Emery's lego is the little square block, but where is his tp?

  2. Awwww. Very sweet. Love how they both went as the same thing--I don't think my kids will ever go as the same thing *lol*

  3. Julie those are just the cutest costumes EVER!

  4. Those costumes are sooo cute! Great idea!! Of course the boys wearing them are adorable as well!! ;)

  5. what precious children! the costumes are great and i've never seen anything like them. great job!

  6. Great Job Julie, They are adorable. I knew you would do a great job.

  7. These costumes are adorable but those boys. . . are just beautiful!! So CUTE!

  8. What CUTE costumes. You did an amazing job! We'll have to chat about the ages of our boys. Guessing from the picture, looks like you and I have boys the exact same age!

  9. great website.
    I love the song!
    I am a first time gma and getting some great scrapbooking ideas!
    I am also a good friend of your uncle and aunt byron and ruth e. he told me about the website.

    peg peters


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