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Oct 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to You!

Drumroll please! Bdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd........ The winner of the Rubber Soul stamp set goes to #5: Chelemom!

Chelemom said...
"Congratulations to you! Happy Birthday to you!"

Yeah! Please e-mail me your contact info and I'll get this set in the mail to you!



    Today is my little brothers bday too!

    And hey 30 is a good means you were blessed enough to get a whole year as 29!!!! ;)

  2. Happy, happy Birthday to you Julie! I made you a card last night, now I just have to mail it!
    I hope your day is filled with all good things. Love, laughter, familiy, and friends. You are blessed and today we are celebrating YOU!

  3. Happy Birthday Julie! I have been meaning to drop you a line ALL day *lol* 30 is great. The thirties are the years where you are old enough to know what you are doing and young enough to still have lots of fun. I'd probably say the same if I was 40 or 50 too *lol* I am loving how you are embracing 30. It was a hard one for me but now that I am 6 months from 32 I have completely come to terms with this 30 thing and am enjoying life more now than ever! Hope you receive lots of great pressies, love and hugs.

  4. Just wanted to come on and send you Happy B-day wishes and many blessings! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  5. Happy Birthday Julie!!! Today is my cousin's birthday as well...great day!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday Julie! Enjoy being 30 and even more years to grow on! I just turned 49 on the 11th and will have the BIG 5-0 next year, but I'm actually looking forward to it. I am also booked on the cruise next year and I hope to get to meet you and all the celebs. *Ü* Love your blog and all your artwork.

    Debbie M. - Mesa, AZ

  7. Happy Birthday to you Julie!
    Hope you had a very blessed day!

    Inky Hugs,

  8. I've just followed a link and found your blog, wow! I'm so glad I did, your cards are amazing.

    Oh, and happy birthday for yesterday, I hope you had a good one!

  9. Happy Birthday Julie!! 30 is a great age to be!! :D


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