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Aug 19, 2014

Photos + Words

 If you've ever wondered what scrapbooking is all about... I think you can simplify it into two little words:  Photos & Words.

And that's why I'm so excited to tell you about these upcoming online classes at Studio Calico!

Snapshot is a new class taught by April Foster & it encourages you to look through your camera lens in new ways.  Each day in September, you'll receive a new photo prompt.  

I am SO bad at remembering to take photos.  I'm such a card maker at heart & I am still trying to train my brain to think like a scrapbooker/memory keeper so that I can document my family & my life.  I REALLY need someone sitting on my shoulder, reminding me to take photos... and that's what this class does.  I mean... just take a look at this adorable photo of April's daughter below.  I love it!
 The other portion of memory keeping that is key are the words.  Years ago, I was so turned off of scrapbooking because I would look at layouts in magazines & see pages with a photo & $50 worth of flowers & embellishments plastered around it.  I just didn't get it.  It all seemed like an expensive photo album to me.

Later, I discovered what I consider "real scrapbookers." -- people who use paper & photos & words all together to really tell their story.  A light bulb finally went off in my mind & I understood what an amazing tool scrapbooking could be.  Laura Kurz is one of those scrapbookers.  I'm so interested to receive her journaling prompts & tips throughout the month in Pen & Paper... and the class contributors she chose are also unbelievably talented.

 You can purchase Snapshot and Pen & Paper separately, or you can order the Photos & Words Bundle and save 10%.  I think each class is going to be extremely beneficial & I hope you check them out!

You can read more about each class in the Classroom page at Studio Calico.

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