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Mar 26, 2013

Stitch Fix #2

You might remember my post from a couple of weeks ago about a fun new company called Stitch Fix.

If you haven't heard of them, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that delivers right to your door.  Basically, you fill out an in depth Style Profile, select a shipment date, and a stylist sends you a box filled with 5 items that are hand picked for you.

There's a $20 styling fee for each box.  If you decide to keep anything in your box, that styling fee goes toward your purchase.  Shipping & returns are free.  If you keep everything in your box, you get 25% off of everything!

So... I decided to give it another go to see what happens when you give them a little feedback.  (After each shipment, they ask you questions about each piece & you can request certain items for future shipments.)

For my second shipment, I asked for a basic white or cream top to layer under my cardigans.  I wanted it to have a little bit of style to it, but still be plain enough to wear with almost anything.  I also mentioned that I really wanted a "critter print" top, especially after my first order arrived with one that I loved... but the color just washed me out.

So... here are some pics of what arrived in my shipment.  (Please forgive the wrinkly state of my clothes.  I had it all tossed back in the box & took the photos as an afterthought the next day.  Whoops!)

Item #1 Murray Cat Print Sheer Blouse

When I started unwrapping the items from my box, I saw this adorable cat print & got butterflies in my stomach.  I'm not normally a fan of wearing black, but I thought I'd love it.  

It came with a black camisole underneath that had great support.  However, the neck was ruffled & just didn't look right on me.  The sleeves were a little too puffy too.  I kind of felt like a clown in mourning. :(

Item #2 Aida Racer Back Crochet Detail Top

This looks like such a simple top, but I really love it!  I tried to photograph myself with it styled in an outfit, but I couldn't get a good shot.

First of all, it's silky soft - softer than anything else I own.  Secondly, it fit perfectly!  My one trouble spot is my midsection & I mentioned that to my stylist.  This top just skimmed my torso & looked great.

I wanted something with a bit of style & this crochet trim adds just a hint of texture when worn under a cardigan.  The silver button detail hit in the perfect spot for layering.  Score!  A keeper!  (Plus, the price was right!)

 Item #3 Wren V-neck Cap Sleeve Jersey Top

This top is so much prettier than what the picture shows.  I'm afraid my wrinkly photo just doesn't do it justice.  The fit was perfect too.

But... the style just wasn't "me."  It felt a little too dressy for my normal casual attire & just not as fun & trendy as I'd like.

Item #4 Pop of Color Scarf
This doesn't look like much laying here on my coffee table, but I thought once on, it was kind of nice.  If we were entering fall, I might have kept it & paired it with something pumpkin colored & cozy... but it was just way too dark for spring.  Like I mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of wearing black.

 Item #5 Conor Cotton Eyelet Detail Top

I'm not quite sure where my stylist was going with this one.  I guess she was trying to find something else that would fit under my "white, layering" request.  But... this top felt like something my mom would have worn in the late 90's.  (Sorry, Mom.)  Bleck!  And... it was the one item in my box that was out of my price range.  ???

Overall, I felt like my first stylist gave me a trendier selection... but my second stylist gave me exactly what I asked for & I was able to keep an item that I'm very happy about.  This second box was also priced really well.  (I had mentioned that in my prior feedback.)

I gave a lot more feedback on this fix & hopefully my third box will be filled with more items that I'll want to keep.

I'm definitely going to order again.  I know it's silly, but the excitement of receiving a 'mystery box' is so much fun to me.  And... I feel like as long as I keep at least one item, I'm not losing any money.  It's such a cool concept & I'm happy to support this innovative new company.

If you'd like to get your own "fix" you can request your first box here.

Have fun!  :)

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  1. Such a cool idea. I know ppl really love Birchbox, the same concept but with makeup. I really like the items you got. I'll have to check this out!


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