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Mar 19, 2008

School Days

My son, Eli, told me with wide eyes today that he got to be Student of the Week this week at school. I hear this is pretty big news because you get to be the line leader, pass out papers, etc. LOL! Oh to be young again where little things like that are SO exciting! :) So... here's a tribute to my little line leader:


- (sentiment & large star)Supah Star set by Kim Hughes for Cornish Heritage Farms

- Graphite Black Brilliance

- Black Prismatic card stock by Prism
- Cogsmo Paper Pad by Cosmo Cricket

- Cogsmo ribbon by Cosmo Cricket
- staples

* Sand edges of paper to create a worn, distressed look to your projects.

* Use color coordinated staples to adhere accessories

Here's to the simple things in life that bring us so much joy!


  1. Hallo,
    I have been visiting your site when I can for awhile but when and now I saw you again on Gina K's site - love to visit just not too much time to comment but I enjoy all your stuff.
    I notice that you are a Nurse - so am I and I started a Blogroll for "Creative and Crafty Nurses" I hope you don't mind that I added you! If you know of anyone else who's a Nurse and has a blog or web site let me know and I will add them too!!1
    Have a great day!!!

  2. What an adorable card for a very well deserving student of the week. I know he had to be the best student of the week that they ever had. Cindy B.

  3. It surely is a big deal to be student of the weeek! Congrats to Eli! The distressing on the edges looks fantastic.

  4. Being 'Student of the Week' is being the teacher HELPER all day! It is a big honor!! This is to show students responsibility and to empower them to be leaders... Your Eli had a big job...
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful card... I could use it with my students. Blessings to you all and esp. Eli for his special day {may ALL days be special moments of celebration} - Marilyn

  5. wow! what a greta reason to create a go-jus card....for the student of the week. it is a very big deal from what i hear!!! i'm sure he is doing an outstanding job!

  6. FABULOUS!!!

    Oh, Julie, here's how I used one of those MS cards:

  7. Congratulations to your son! Cute card!!

  8. Julie, you are such a thoughtful Mama! Your card is lovely; I just got some of this paper, and you've made me want to play with it. :-)


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