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Mar 22, 2008

Love One Another

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I just heard my oldest son say to his brother, "Do you know what happens on Easter?" "No, what?!?" the little one says. "Do you remember last year when the Easter Bunny brought you a sweeper? ...and I got Spiderman? Well... Easter is like Christmas! We get PRESENTS tomorrow!"

I don't have any recollection of getting them a sweeper or Spiderman in their baskets (hmm...???) but my son seems to have the memory of an elephant -- so maybe I did? Weird!

Anyway... have any of you tried to explain the real story of Easter to your kids? I need to find better ways for them to understand. It seems really straight-forward to me as an adult, but when I try to break it down into something my kids would understand... it's a little tricky! (they're 2 & 6) Sometimes I wonder if they get anything from what I say... but then every once in a while - they'll say something that surprises me. I think they absorb a lot more than what I give them credit for. My youngest one said the other day out of the blue, "Mommy, Jesus is my friend! He takes care of me."

I love moments like that! :)

Now... here's a card I made today that was inspired by the TRUE reason we celebrate. :)

This sentiment is so simple, but really profound at the same time. Love others as Jesus loved. Wow! To think of what He went through because he loved ME. That's some powerful love. And we're suppose to do the same. This verse really hits home for a lot of reasons right now.

One thing that I love about Aimee's Easter release is that the images can be used for any occasion and not just once a year! The sentiment from this set comes from the first Friendly Kritters release. I LOVE mixing and matching stamps from all of the CHF lines.

I cut a heart out of paper and sanded the edges before adhering to the center of the cross.

Stamps: CLICK HERE to visit Cornish Heritage Farms
- Modern Cross (Aimee Nugent Easter line) by Cornish Heritage Farms
- (sentiment) As I Have Loved (Tom Allen's Friendly Kritters line) by Cornish Heritage Farms

- White & Candle Glow Dark Prismatic paper
- Mellow paper pack by Basic Grey

- Espresso Adirondack ink by Ranger
- Cotton White StazOn ink

- Oval Nestabilities dies by Spellbinders
- Copper Hardware by We R Memory Keepers
- brown & gold satin ribbon by May Arts
- chipboard tag
- sandpaper

*tip: when stamping onto a dark surface, use a white gel pen over ink to make your stamped image really stand out

Have a Happy Easter!


  1. I just love this card and love your mix of CHF images. :) And what a beautiful thought!

  2. Hi Julie! Beautiful card! Holly just asked me yesterday as we were coloring eggs, why there are eggs for Easter. I told her that eggs represent new life because little chicks come out of eggs, and you would never guess that something so plain and hard on the outside could have something so cute, soft, and wonderful on the inside. Then I told her that's what we celebrate at Easter; Jesus died on the cross to give us new life. A chance to have a wonderful new life with him in Heaven. Lent, the time before Easter, is like the outside of the egg; hard, cold, and plain. But when we find out Jesus rose from the dead and promised us new life the world blossomed with happiness and beauty. She seemed to understand that explaination very well. Then she asked why the Easter bunny brings the eggs when he's not Jesus, and he's not a chicken, and he didn't come from an egg. I didn't have an answer for that one! :) Happy Easter. Mary P.

  3. Beautiful card. Have a Blessed Easter. (He is not here, but is risen. Luke 24:6) Praise the Lord.
    JoAnn B.

  4. Hope you have a blessed Easter.

  5. Hi Julie,
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Easter!

  6. I LOVE what you did with the Modern Cross! What a beautiful reminder of His great love for us.

    Happy Resurrection Day!

  7. Love this card - the heart is a beautiful touch. It is hard to explain the concept of Easter; we've read teh story from the kids' Bible, done resurrection eggs and made resurrection rolls, but I don't know how much my little ones "get it" yet. But we keep talking about it and someday I know the death and resurrection of our Lord will make sense.

  8. What a great card and how true it is. If we all could just have and show the love that he had for us. What a different world we would have. Don't worry your boys will understand Easter one day and I'm sure they will demonstrate his love because they have a great mom who demonstrates it daily.:) Cindy B

  9. Julie, what a beautiful and touching card! I am also thankful for the TRUE meaning of Easter!

  10. This is beautiful!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!


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