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Oct 31, 2007

Happy 'Boo!' thday

My son has dressed up like Spiderman for the past 2 years. He thought that the third time would be a charm... but I was ready for something else. So... I asked him if he would rather be Spiderman or a Lego -- his eyes lit up! (He is totally obsessed with Legos). And then of course, my 2-year old insisted that he needed to be a Lego too. I couldn't get him to stand still... so this is the best pic I could get so far. He was totally wound up... (and that's before candy!)

So... if you're desperate for a costume and need something quick... here's what you do:

  • Cut the bottom out of a box.
  • Add holes for the head and arms
  • Hot glue small food containers to the front of the box (I used small Ziplock brand bowls)
  • Spray paint box (I used Krylon's paint that is recommended for painting plastic and it covered the bowls very well.)
I'll try to post the two boys together tomorrow. I've still got to make the second costume. I need to hurry up!

My nephew - Blake's - birthday falls on Halloween. I sent him this spoooooky card using one of C.C. Designs' adorable Halloween stamps. He's colored with Copic markers. I wish you could see the card irl. His hair and pumpkin are all sparkly from my Spica pens! (love them!!!) The sentiment is from SU's Booglie Eyes set. I just added some letters to create what I wanted it to say.

Hope you have a Spooktacular Day!!!!


  1. What an awesome costume! Way to go - I love homemade costumes!! I am so filing this in my idea file for upcoming years! Thanks for sharing - and I love your card!

  2. How cleaver are you...I've got to show my son this, he will get a kick out of it!!!


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