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Sep 26, 2007

Lots of Love (Blog Candy Alert!)

Ok.... so I've got some HOT blog candy... but you're going to have to read about this card first! ;) I just can't get enough of these Wordsworth stick people! The guy in this stamp reminds me of my husband (and his skinny legs! - Don't tell him I said that! Shh!). This stamp (Christmas Stick Love) can be found at Rubber Soul's website!

sentiment could be used for so many things! I'm picturing a coffee-themed card in my future.....

I colored in the stick people and also added color to my snowflake embellishment with Copic Markers. This sketch is from one of
Julee Tilman's older Mojo Monday Contests. Have I ever told you how much I love sketches!!!! ;)

I wish you could see this patterned paper in it's entirety! I love the simplicity of the bold snowflakes! You can also get this from Rubber Soul (
Winter Solstice Collection). Their papers are nice and heavy... come in 8x8 sized packages... and are double sided! I love them!!!!

Ok... so are you ready for some blog candy???!!!??? I'm almost at 20K hits and I'm ready to celebrate! I'm going to give 2 sets of Wordsworth/Rubber Soul stamps away (courtesy of Fred & Dani from Rubber Soul!) to a random person who comments on this post.
Now, you're going to have to work a little bit for this candy! (It'll burn off the calories!) ;)

So here's what you have to do:

Go to the
Rubber Soul Website and:

1) Tell me one way that you can order Wordsworth & Rubber Soul stamps
2) Tell me which color of note card is your favorite
3) Tell me which paper pack is your favorite

I'll pick a random winner on Saturday!!!! Oh... want to see what you're playing for?


  1. Wow! I have never been first to leave a comment!
    You can call, fax or email your order. I love the Shake it up paper collection (I just wish it came in 12x12). And I love the Sweet Pea Pink notes cards. It's my favorite shade of pink.

    Keep up the wonderful blog!

  2. Wonderful Blog Candy!

    1. You can call in orders
    2. I love the Marina color!
    3. The paper pack I like is the Winter Soulstice Collection.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  3. I found your blog yesterday (can't remember how), and subscribed. Today I added you to my blogroll. You are a talented lady and I enjoy your cards. Now, on to business:

    1. Fax (never heard of this before)
    2. Limaid (love bright colours)
    3. Shake it up (how fun)

  4. You could go to their store in Redmond to purchase some stamps! :o) I like the Hydrangia note cards and all of the paper packs are beautiful but I'd probably order the Winter Soltice right now being that we are heading into winter. Love those stick people...i think you've finally talked me into getting some! Love the Christmas couple!

  5. You can fax your order, I love Shake It UP and Periwinkle. I subscribe to your blog and it's fab. Love these stick people. I have some but not these cute Christmas ones.

  6. Hi Julie,
    what great idea, and thanks for the chance.

    My favorite papers are Winter Soulstice
    My favorite note card is leek but sweet pea pink is a close 2nd

    You can print out the form and fax or mail your order, or call with credit card online.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  7. Congrats on your hits!!

    --You can Email your order to
    --Leek is a great color for the notecards!
    --Winter Soulstice is gorgeous!

    Wondering how do you know which colors match up w/ the DP? Also, how do the note/envies come. Would love to see more info/pricing on their site! Thanks!

  8. hi julie,

    1. you can fax, phone, or email your orders
    2. i like the limeaid or the leek note cards
    3. i love the divine DP collection! :)

    thanks for the chance to win!

    lilian :)

  9. Love your newest stick people card.
    1. by phone
    2. pomegranate
    3. winter solstice

  10. WOW Julie~you make us work for your candy!!! (LOL)

    I order by fax!
    Leek is my favorite notecard color
    Shake it up looks like fun!

  11. What a great giveaway! I just adore Rubber Soul and Wordsworth! Those stick people are soooo darling! Love your design!
    2. wow...a lot of great colors...but my fave is the aqua!
    3. paper pack...definitely that Winter Soulstice! Yummy!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win! You have a great blog. And I think I told you this before but I ADORE your banner!

  12. I love your blog!
    1- You can also email your order to:
    2- My favorite notecard is Pomegranate.
    3- My favorite paper pack is Winter Soulstice...maybe I've been in a Christmasy mood! :)

  13. Hi Julie,

    I have been longing to get some Rubber Soul stamps....perfect blog candy you are giving away!
    1. You can order by calling them up
    2. Love the carnation notecards
    3. Love the Meadow's Edge paper (I really love it all, hard to choose).
    Geny C.
    aka Mommy Geny on SCS

  14. WOW, 20K hits on the go girl! Congrats!! :D And the blog candy looks absolutely yummy. Now to the questions so I actually have the opportunity to win....

    1. You can call (360-779-7757) and order with a credit card.
    2. My favorite card color is LEEK (although they are all gorgeous).
    3. My favorite paper pack, if I truly can ONLY choose one, is diVine.

    Thanks much this is a great site and I had a great time playing.

  15. Congrats on all the hits. Thanks for sharing a great site with us. I needed that reminder. lol
    1. You can call, fax or email your order.
    2. I love the Sweet Pea Pink notes cards.
    3. Winter Soulstice

  16. fax, aqua notecards are my fave and the Hoop-La paper pack (although i had a seriously hard time deciding which was my favorite!!) this is my first time at your blog . ..and i will definitely be back!!! your stuff is adorable!!! love those stick people!! :)

  17. I love your blog!
    1. You can email your order.
    2. Hydranga is my favorite note card.
    3. My favorite paper packet is the Shake It Up collection.

    I have never seen this website. I am adding it to my favorite stamping websites, thanks!

  18. Oh my goodness!!! What a FABULOUS prize package!!! I love it!!
    1. You can call orders in
    2. Gotta go with Sweet Pea Pink!!
    3. Shake it up looks awesome!!
    Cheryl KVD

  19. Hello that is a fun website!
    1. You can print off your order form and mail it in or fax.
    2. I love the Lobster paper pk.
    3. I really liked the christmas pk. but my favorite was Meadows Edge Collection!

    Thanks for the chance and visiting a new stamping website.

  20. What great candy! You can e-mail your order. My favorite paper is winter soulstice. My favorite color of note cards are hydrangea. Thanks for the chance!

  21. You can fax in your order (coooool!)

    I love the Hoopla paper pack and the Aqua card color is my favorite!

  22. You can print and mail your order. I think I like diVine (because I am so devine!, tee hee!) and my fav color is leek (but not because I leak, sorry, couldn't resist!)

  23. 1. You can also call in your order (with a credit card) to 360 779-7757
    2. Aqua -- It reminds me of last years fav color Cool Carib.
    3. Winter Soulstice (I am starting to get in that Christmas mood!)

  24. What a nice giveaway! Here are my answers.

    1. You can call, fax, or email your order.
    2. I couldn't narrow it down to one so i pick my 2 favs: Leek & hydrangea
    3. Shake it up has some wonderful color combinations that I would definately use in my crafts.

    I enjoyed listening to the music while I looked at your blog. Keep it up.

  25. Congrats on the hits. Love your blog. Great blog candy. My answers are: You can order by e-mail, favorite notecard is cocoa and favorite paper pack is Didine Collection. Thanks, Mary

  26. You can call, fax or email your orders. I like the hydrangea note cards and the Winter Soulstice.
    I really like your music on your blog.

  27. Congratulations on the success of your blog. I've just discovered it and am enjoying looking around. Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. call in your order
    2. Maize note cards
    3. Meadow's Edge paper pack ( hard decision - I like them all!)

  28. oh I love Wordsworth images and your card is lovely!

    1> you can phone
    2> favorite card color would be leek :)
    3> I'd pick Winter Soulstice

  29. Congrats on all the hits!! What sweet candy...thanks for this chance to win! Here are my answers:
    1. email your order
    2. Pomegranate
    3. Winter Soulstice Collection
    'Just love your blog...thanks for sharing & inspiring me!

  30. call and order with a credit card! I have the luxury of also going to shop at one of their stores in Redmond on on the island!

    fav paper is Soulstice

    fav color is limeade!!

  31. Great card. I just love this stick people too! Congrats on your hits and what sweet candy you are celebrating with.

    1. Mail, Fax, Email, or by phone
    2. Pomegranate
    3. Winter Soulstice Collection

    Thanks for a chance.

  32. I like to order by fax. My favorite notecard color is limeade. I love the hoopla paper. I just love your stick people Christmas card. Thanks for the chance to win.


  33. 1-email your order
    2-California POppy
    3. Meadows Edge

  34. 1) Tell me one way that you can order Wordsworth & Rubber Soul stamps
    via e-mail

    2) Tell me which color of note card is your favorite
    Being from the Maritimes I have to pick Lobster

    3) Tell me which paper pack is your favorite
    I just love Shake it Up! How cute is that?!

  35. 1.) On-line via e-mail:

    2.) California Poppy and Leek

    3.) Meadow's Edge

    Thanks for the opportunity to play! This was fun!

  36. Great blog candy.

    1. Call it in
    2. Shake it Up
    3. Tomato

    Can not wait to see who wins.

  37. 1. Email to
    2. Limeaid - it's great for girls, boys, every season!!
    3. Shake it Up!! - super fun prints and lots of inspiration

    Thanks for this great challenge - I love looking at new products.

  38. As a fellow christian I love your blog.
    You can Print and fill out an order form. Fax or send to Rubber Soul Make 3607797787 or post to Rubber Soul PO box 2849 Poulsbo WA 98370 USA or Call with Credit card to 360 779 7757 to email to and orders will be sent in 48 hours.
    Carnation 9009

  39. Aww, don't you just love those stick people!!! Darling, darling card! Love the rounded edges, layout, just darling! :)

  40. Great Card
    You can order via mail, phone or fax.
    The Divine paper is divine LOL!!!
    and I love the Pomegrante cards. By the way, thanks for turning me on to Paper Pretties! I love it!

    Julie (Bock)

  41. You can print out the form and fax or mail your order, or call with credit card online

    Winter Soulstice Collection

    My favorite notecard is Pomegranate.

  42. Adorable card you made!

    1. email your order to:

    2. Tomato

    3. love them all, but Shake It Up looks like so much fun

  43. Hi Julie, these 'stick figures' are growing on me, because of what you create with them...and I think the one you've posted today is the best yet! How cute. I visited the site today and found several items of interst. I will order via email soon. Favorite card color would be 'Oatmeal' and I loved the 'Garden Variety' paper pack, and will be ordering it soon. Thanks Julie! Have fun, Barb g

  44. Super blog candy...thanks for a chance to win!

    1) by phone (my favorite...I like to talk to someone:)
    2) Aqua
    3) WOW...I guess the Winter Soulstice

  45. :o) 1. Call in with your order 2. Pomegranate 3. right now, since Christmas is so close, it's Winter Soulstice. TFS!

  46. 1] call in your order
    2] Lobster
    3] Winter Soulstice (just beautiful!)

    Congrats on the hits!

  47. Hey Julie!
    Great goodies you have here. Hope I win!
    1. Call in with credit card
    2. Carnation
    3. Winter Soulstice
    I found other things I like too. I'll have to look to shop at another time.

  48. Hi Julie, I won't try for the blog candy since I already won from you, but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love this card! It's so cute! Those stick people are adorable!

  49. You have a very nice site! I came across it when I was looking for info on SIYJ...

    1. Fax it
    2. Carnation.....because October is Breast cancer month
    3. Winter Soulstice...but they are all so pretty

    Thank you

  50. What a fun and festive card! Congratulations on reaching 20,000 visits to your blog.
    1. Fax the order form in
    2. Wave-I am a big fan of shades of blue!
    3. Winter Soulstice-such pretty patterns and colors in this pack

  51. LOVE LOVE your cards! Congrats on reaching the 20,000 hits on your site!

    1) You can fax or mail the order form, or submit order via email.

    2) Hydrangea - love the color purple

    3) Can't decide between DiVine, Garden Collection and Shake It Up - I am so addicted to patterned paper.

    It was fun playing!

  52. Nice blog and your cards are top-notch. Thanks for an opportunity to win.

    1. Call order in.
    2. Pomegranate
    3. Shake it up.


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