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Jan 18, 2011

Magazine Submissions & Rejections - It's All Good! ;)

I mentioned in my last post that I've been working really hard on magazine submissions.  I absolutely LOVE making projects for publication calls.  It's so fun to be challenged creatively!  And just so you know - no matter how long a person has been designing, rejection is always part of the equation.  Part of the fun is finding out what projects made the cut  & which ones did not.  Rejection is always bitter sweet.  Of course, I'd be ecstatic if all of my submissions were accepted - don't get me wrong!  ;)  But... when things aren't picked, I get to share them with my awesome blog readers - and that's pretty fun too!

So, here's a card I made for PC's last call that didn't get picked up.  The challenge was to make a project with things found in the garden.  The issue also has a general theme of friendship.

I used my computer to make my own sentiment.

Even though my card will never be in print... it still makes me pretty happy.  I love creating little pieces of art.  Fun stuff!  :)

When I made cards for submissions, I always save all of my supplies & instructions in a Word document.  It makes it easier to keep all of those details handy just in case your card is accepted.  Here is how I organized my info for this card:

           -  (Willow) Memory Box
-         -  (Suede Brown Dark) Prism
Patterned Paper:
-          - “Set the Table”, Life is Good collection) Echo Park
-         -  (pink ruler- Paper Girl Sticker Market) The Girls’ Paperie
Die Cuts:
-         -  (watering can – Cut & Paste die cuts) K & Company
-         -  (Vintage Cream stitched ribbon) Papertrey Ink
-          - Sewing machine/thread
-         -  (Milk & Cereal)

1.       Make card from cardstock.
2.       Print computer generated sentiment onto green cardstock.  Trim & sand edges.
3.       Mat patterned paper onto brown cardstock; adhere.  Machine stitch.
4.       Affix ruler sticker.
5.       Tie ribbon bow around piece & adhere panel to card.  
6.       Adhere watering can using dimensional foam adhesive.

If you've ever considered submitting to a magazine, I really encourage you to give it a try!  I remember not too long ago laughing when someone suggested that I try to get published.  I thought it was completely absurd... that there was no way I could ever be 'good enough' to have something in print.  I decided to just give it a shot... and what do you know?!? - eventually they said "yes!"  I'm just so happy that someone gave me the push I needed to do something that was out of my comfort zone.  So... today, if you're needing someone to give you that little push... I want to encourage you to go for it!  I think you'll love it too.  :)


  1. that is just too pretty! i love all the little touches! altho it won't be in a pub (right now) it doesn't mean it won't be ever or - that something else won't be. you've got some great works of art!

  2. I can't believe this wasn't picked up! It's so pretty!

  3. OH MY GOOOODNESS! Are you kidding me? This card was not accepted? I thought my cards were amazing....but they didn't make it either. BUT THIS??? THIS CARD???!!! OH MY--I just love it. I love your take on Grandma's garden--that watering can! OH MY! FAB! I love that stitching and the rock, Julie! Great job--and I'm sad that this didn't make it. In my opinion--LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! It should be on the COVER!

  4. This is an UBER gorgeous card! Totally pub-worthy Julie! Love how you explained your thoughts about calls. :)

  5. Really beautiful card!! I also really love the sentiment!

  6. Love your take on Grandma's Garden Julie! Beautiful! I have quite a few to share too. :)

  7. Julie I LOVE this card too! ...that watering can is amazing!

  8. It's beautiful! I can't believe it wasn't picked!

  9. Love this card with the clever sentiment Julie! Can't believe it wasn't grabbed up.
    I took the plunge and submitted for a call a few months ago for the first time and lo and behold they wanted it! Shhhhh. No one knows yet except for you! *wink*

  10. Absolutely adorable! Hope you did get some accepted for the call. I submitted and didn't get any accepted but there's always next time. And you're right, it's fun to share!

  11. Oh, it's BETTER that it's here on the blog, as I rarely pick up the mags :) Blogs are way funner ;) thanks for sharing, miss julie... that watering can die-cut is awesome, and I just used it too :) Glad to know it's source as it was part of a gift from a friend... thank you again for sharing... <3

  12. WOW!! I cannot believe this card wasn't chosen! What were they thinking? LOL I love the colors, the watering can and everything about this card.
    Thanks for the encouraging words about trying to get published. I'm fairly new to card making but I'm going to give it a try some day soon.

  13. this would never be rejected in my world--its gorgeous:)

  14. Nice post and very encouraging... Thanks. I've always said the one of the things I love about scrapbooking is that it is somehow subjective... so is art. I sometimes don't like how a project turned out and it is probably a project others love... and there are some projects I am particulary more identified with, and maybe those are not so loved by others...hahahaha... but all are pretty and creative and inspirational for someone. I like your card... cool it wasn't picked so you cand use it for this post and give us that wonderful message.

  15. I just LOVE your card. Thanks for the "push" to think about submitting a card. I have really never thought about it... but, I guess now I will. Thanks!!!

  16. Wonderful food for thought, Julie. And a gorgeous card. You have my address... :) And thanks for this post, too -- one of my goals this year is to begin to submit for pub. I'll definitely be trying to pick your big beautiful blonde (<-- compliment!) brain. Hugs, girlie, and congrats on Lawn Fawn, too. You're PERFECT for those adorable stamps!!!


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