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Oct 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Well... I have about 30 minutes left of my birthday & I thought I'd make a quick post to my blogging friends. I turned 32 today. It's still kind of hard for me to believe. In my mind, I feel like I'm still in my mid-twenties. It's weird.

I had a nice weekend full of good food and family. And... I had to show you something that has changed my life. Oh yeah, baby! This coffee machine is like heaven in a cup. I'm telling you -- the people at Keurig are brilliant! There's nothing like having a perfect cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds.

For those of you who have one of these... what's the best way to flavor it? I'm NOT a black coffee kind of girl. I'm more of a coffee shop - load me up with sugar - latte lover. I have some fun flavored coffee... but it still needs some help.

Well... I've got to hit the hay. I'm not as young as I use to be. ;)


  1. Happy belated Birthday, Julie! I am also 32, and I understand what you mean! I just don't it, still feel I should be in my 20's! Hopefully that will keep us younger longer, right! ;)

  2. Happy belated bday!!! Celebrate!!! Psalm 118:24:)

  3. Sorry I missed your birthday! I hope it was filled with extra special blessings! Hugs,

  4. Happy Birthday Girl!!! Hope you had a blessed day!! I wanna know about the Kurig too!! I have been eyeing it FOREVER!!!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! I turned 30 on the 18th, and I still feel like I'm in my 20's too! :)

  6. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday - oh to be 32 again :D lol

  7. Happy Birthday to YOU! I'm so envious of your keurig, that thing ROCKS!

  8. Happy Birthday, Julie! I trust it was filled with blessings from the Lord! (And, FYI, I just turned 51 and don't feel much differently than I did in my 20's either. Hopefully that gives you hope and makes you smile! :) )

  9. oh carp! i am late!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it was amazing!! 32 isn't bad...and I hear on ya feeling like your in your mid 20's still!!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Julie! Your coffeemaker is my morning lifesaver. ;) I am just like you and don't like coffee black. My favorite combo is the Kona coffee (sold at Costco in a BIG box and love the savings) with International Delight Dulce De Leche creamer. No sugar. The creamer is all the sugar you need. We tried a bunch of the creamers to find our favorite.
    Becca Grinder


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