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Apr 11, 2009

There's More than Corn in Indiana.

For those of you who are Indiana natives -- you might remember that slogan from a long time ago. (I'm getting old!) Well... I found out last night that there really IS more than corn in Indiana! I met up with two awesome gals last night at Archivers for a little craft time away from the kids. :) Do you recognize these sweet little faces? I got to meet Kimber for the first time last night... and MAN does this girl have talent! And... that's little Miss Jen Buck on the right. I met Jennifer for the first time last year at CHA & FINALLY got to stamp with her! We've decided that WE'RE going to write a book. We're calling it... 'Stamping Secrets'. Kimber doesn't think it's going to be a hot seller... but I'm feeling confident. ;) (Kimber just so happened to write a book called 'Scrapbook Secrets'. I'm pretty sure that she stole the idea from me.)

I've never been to a 'crop' before... and I don't scrapbook. -- So, it was an interesting experience. Instead... I attempted to make some cards. My mojo had kicked the bucket and I wasn't too productive... but I did manage to make this little guy: The little owl is from Unity's Mix Up of Cuteness set. Kimber was nice enough to give me a Jillibean Soup Journaling Sprout to put behind him. The sentiment and stitching are rub-ons from American Craft's Craft Fair line. AND... that funky retro floral paper is one of my new favorites from Sassafras. Yum-o! Hope you're having a great weekend! Have a wonderful Easter! God Bless! :)


  1. Ah, being a Hoosier myself (although I live in Texas and love it, I'm still a Hoosier) I remember the 'more than corn in Indiana' slogan. It was just before the 'Wander Indiana' slogan. Sorry that your mojo went someplace else, but the card is still cute. When I get together to stamp with people, my mojo stays home. I end up just visiting and enjoying myself. Thanks for sharing with us. (and I would probably buy the book...maybe). Cathy

  2. What an adorable lil owl card!
    Cute Sassafras too!
    TFS!!! Happy Easter!, margie

  3. it was nice to meet you Julie! (even though you are trying to steal my ideas!) ;)

    that card is too stinkin' cute too!

  4. OH - please let me know next time - I'd love to fly in to hug you and JenBuck, JenBuck, JenBuck in the same night! And, I'd love to meet Kimber! Glad you had a good time!! Darling card!

  5. Cute card! I know you all had a blast at the crop. I think the book idea is a great idea.

  6. fun fun fun!! and I agree- stamping secrets would be a big time seller!!
    too funny!!
    glad you all had fun!


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