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Jul 28, 2008

Miss Me?

Helloooooooo! I know it's been forEVER since I've blogged -- but I've been busy! :) First of all, my internet was out the week prior to my trip to Chicago for CHA. I flew home from there and got right back on a plane with my family for a week at Fort Myers Beach, Florida. And now I'm FINALLY home! It feels like I've been gone for a month! I didn't want to mention my Florida trip until we got home (I just don't know who might be reading my blog... and knowing my home would be empty for a week... well, you get the idea) :) So - that's why I've been MIA lately.

We had such a great time! :) Below is a pic of my oldest anxiously awaiting his airplane ride.

Our condo was right on the beach front. I LOVE sleeping to the sound of the ocean roaring. Ahhhh!!!! I'm going to miss that! Our boys took off straight for the ocean, along with all of their cousins. (below)

We found this fun little Put Put course last night where you could feed live alligators. The boys were all over that! :) And... it was so cute to see my boys whacking the golf balls! They had such a ball! Here's my little Tiger (below). :)

So, hopefully I have at least 1 reader left on this blog! :) I've been dying to get into my craft room too, so stay tuned for some new projects soon!


  1. You'll always have me for a reader!! Glad you had fun! Mary P.

  2. There you are! I missed you and missed my daily visit to your blog. So glad you had some family time. Making memories....there's nothing like it. Glad you're back kiddo. Blessings! Terri

  3. yes I missed you but the sweet pics of your little guys was worth it. glad you had some fun and family time. you deserved it!


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