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Apr 13, 2008

Why I {Heart} CHF

As many of you know, I am a designer for Cornish Heritage Farms. All of the designers like to post a challenge for each other each Monday - but this Monday is a little bit different. We thought it would be a fun idea to write from our hearts and share why it is that we love CHF.

First of all, I hope that all of my readers understand that when I write -- I try to always be genuine and honest. I'm not going to tell you that I love a product or company if I don't really mean it! :) And... Liz & Richard (the owners of CHF) did NOT put us up to this! LOL! They're actually out of town for the week with no Internet service. :)

I've only been a designer for CHF for a few months now, so my first interactions with the company came as a consumer. I am quite the bargain shopper, so I am drawn to companies that have the product that I'm looking for at a good price. I was really excited to find out that many of CHF's images could be purchased unmounted. I love this for several reasons. #1 - they cost less!

Ok. Here is just one example: The set above is called Baked With Love and is the newest set in the Kim Hughes Collection by CHF. There are 23 images in this set & costs $14.99! So... if you do your math, each image costs only $0.65!!!

Another reason I LOVE unmounted sets is the ease of stamping. The stamps come as a sheet of rubber already backed with Smart Cushion -- which is the grey foam that clings to acrylic blocks. Because you can see through the acrylic, it's really easy to get the exact placement of the image onto your project. The designs are deeply etched into the rubber, so you always get a nice, crisp stamped image. I have both clear and rubber stamps from multiple companies - but I've found that nothing beats the quality of rubber stamps. I also love the fact that rubber stamps can take ANY ink.

I store my unmounted stamps in CD & DVD cases. This has really saved a TON of space in my craft room!

Another reason I was drawn to CHF as a consumer was the fact that they offer free shipping to the US on orders over $35. With the rise in shipping costs nationwide, this is a great service! All shipments are sent via Priority Mail -- and I've always received my orders in a matter of days! CHF always stands behind their product and has excellent customer service!

Have you ever heard of Club CHF? (Here is some info coppied from the website):

Club CHF provides you with an exciting customer appreciation program! We have devised a way to make it possible for you to save money when shopping for rubber stamps on our store. Just look for the Club Status box on the right hand side of your screen, below the shopping cart! The program works like this:

Club CHF - Everyone starts out at this level. Receive one bonus point for every $1 you spend on rubber stamps. For each 100 points earned you will automatically get $10 off your next order. All the records will be kept on your online account, so you will always see exactly how many points you have earned.

Club CHF Silver - Upon reaching 500 points you will receive $25 off your next order and become a member of Club CHF Sliver. From there you will still receive one bonus point for every $1 you spend on rubber stamps, but when you reach each additional 100 bonus points you will receive $15 off your next order.

Club CHF Gold - Upon reaching 1000 points you will receive $50 off your next order and become a member of Club CHF Gold. From here on you will still receive one bonus point for every $1 you spend on rubber stamps, but when you reach each additional 100 bonus points you will receive $20 off your next order.

I initially fell in love with CHF after seeing the first images in the Kim Hughes Collection. I LOVE her style and have almost every set that she's created. :) But, another great feature about CHF is the diversity of their stamp lines. No matter who who are, you can find a collection that fits your style in the CHF store! Besides Kim's line, you can also find exclusive images from the Thomas Kinkade line, Elvis stamps, & Tom Allen's Friendly Kritters line. Lesley Langdon has a collection called The Rummage Bin --- which was made with the scrapbooker/card maker/paper crafter in mind. One of the most versatile collections (IMO) are the Backgrounders. There are SO MANY amazing background images that are essential to paper crafting! And this is just a tiny drop in the bucket of what is in store for this company! You just won't believe it when it's all revealed!!!

Another great feature about CHF is their commitment to education. In the Cornish Heritage Farms Forums, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to use their stamps & products. You can also find WONDERFUL tutorials on new techniques that can help take your craft to the next level. If you visit the CHF Gallery, you will find hundreds of design ideas listed by stamp set. It's a great place for inspiration!

Those are just some of the reasons I love CHF as a consumer. But, now that I am a designer -- I've discovered even more great things about the company. First and foremost, CHF goes out of their way to ensure that their designers know that their work is appreciated. Also, no one in the company is required to work on Sundays. I really respect Richard and Liz for making this decision. They work so hard all week long, but still make it a priority to rest one day of the week and keep the day for the Lord. :) They are people of high integrity and character, and it's an honor to say that I get to play a part in their company.

I could go on and on about why I love CHF, but it's after midnight and I'm getting really sleepy. :) Make sure to check out the other designers' blogs today and read about why they *heart* CHF too. Just click on the names below to be redirected to their blogs. :)

-Lisa Silver
-Kim Hughes
-Dawn Lusk

-Kristine Reynolds
-Sherrie Siemens
-Alli Miles
-Lori Craig
-Lisa Strahl
-Lesley Langdon
-Julia Stainton


  1. You are so genuine Julie. Great response. I completely agree.

  2. lol..I love your 'honesty' part... great post kiddo!!

  3. Great reasons Julie. Oh..and I love your birdy sig!

  4. You are always genuine Julie! Love your reasons!

  5. What a nice post. And WOW, this must be the first time I've visited your blog, it is so stinkin' cute!!! I just love it!! Now I need to scroll down and look at more of your cards, I was just enjoying looking at your template, banner & little birdie signature!!! :-)

  6. Julie- I thought I'd take a quick moment to tell each person on the team why they are important to me... just as CHF is important to me... You are such a genuine, loving, talented person! I'm honored to be on same team and am enjoying learning from you!


  7. Right on Julie! You said everything perfectly! I so admire your fresh take on card making and stamping projects. I always look forward to your uploads!

  8. Love your new blog design, Julie -- so cute & sassy!


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