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Apr 25, 2008

Make it Matter!

Like I mentioned before... this has been a challenging month for me. My husband is the head coach of the HS Varsity Baseball team -- and if any of you know much about baseball... it is a HUGE time commitment! Basically, from about mid February until June... I am a single parent. It's been a struggle to try to be both mom & dad to my kids, go to my real job, and still keep up with my 'creative assignments'. Lately, everything you've seen on this blog has been for a pub call or for a new release, etc. And to be honest... my mojo has been lacking steam.

But, the other day - I was reminded of why it is that we do this craft.

I was at work the other day and noticed that one of my coworkers seemed to be changing. I noticed how she stayed calm during situations that normally would spark an argument -- and how her whole countenance just seemed kinder. And then... to top it off --- I noticed something written on our assignment board. She had written a scripture in big letters for everyone to see. Oh my gosh! Believe me -- nothing like this has ever been done in the decade that I've been working at the hospital! It really got me thinking... and inspired me to want to do better.

So, the next day - I really felt like I needed to make a card for this coworker -- just to tell her how I've noticed the change in her... and how much I was inspired by what she had done. The next day, I left the card for her and didn't think much more about it until I rounded the corner and saw her in tears -- holding the card I had made for her.

That is how real our God is. Seriously! Being a Christian has nothing to do with rules and religion. I have NO doubt that the Jesus I serve is alive and working... and wants to have a close relationship with us. With all of the billions of people on Earth, He cared enough about my coworker to start planting things in her life --- and speaking to her heart with scriptures. And... I believe he wanted me to make a card for her. I know... that sounds goofy. God wants me to make a card?!? But I think he takes our 'gifts' and can use them to touch other people -- no matter what those gifts might be. Sometimes we just need to be quiet enough to hear his voice.

So - through all of this I feel like I'm getting my priorities back in line. It's not all about how many stamp companies I work for - or how many of my designs can be found in magazines - or how many people know my name. In reality, we as designers are all just inspiring others to do one thing. --- To create something that has meaning. (to make a card for a friend... or to create something that brings beauty to our homes... or to preserve a memory with a scrapbook page, etc.) And... that gives all of this so much more meaning! And... I think it's good to inspire ourselves to use this 'gift' for the greater good -- and not only for personal gain. I guess that's what I've learned this week. :)

So... now I challenge YOU! Take a little time and listen with your heart. Make a card for someone this week who could really use it. :) I'd love to hear about it if you'd like to share!

Stamps: (all by Cornish Heritage Farms)
- Grid Paper Backgrounder
- Supah Star (the Kim Hughes Collection)

- Colorbox chalk inks (Warm Red/Blueberries & Chocolate)

- Razzleberry Dark & Black Prismatic CS
- Kraft CS by Prism
- Georgia Pacific White CS

Printed Paper:
- Twinkle by Piggy Tales

- Chipboard letter by American Crafts (covered with chalk ink to match)
- Star brad by Creative Imaginations (Marah Johnson line)
- Small Corner Rounder Punch & Photo Corner punch by EK Success
- White gel pen by Ranger
- Stickles glitter

- masking


  1. You are so inspiring!! I decided about a month ago to start sending cards to the ladies in my Sunday School class (birthdays, missed you, etc.) Every one of the recipiants have been THRILLED with the cards...That in itself means so much more than the recognition or compliments I receive. God gives us gifts and we should share them in His name....Thank you for your sweet spirit... Marnet

  2. what a sweet story Julie! Thanks for sharing it and thanks for listening to God's nudging to give the woman a card. His work is mighty! No gift of ours is too little for God to use to his glory!


  3. Thanks for the story. It is true that God gives us talents for us to use to inspire others and ourselves. I made a card for a friend who is going thru a rough time and mailed it to her letting her know that i may not be there in body but I am in spirit.
    I am going to make cards this week for a couple of people who are going thru rough times. I hope they feel a bit of comfort from it.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your story---it's so funny how we find blogs---you know, thru this link and then another and then "boom" you land on one that catches your eye---thanks for inspiring me to encourage others to live for Christ in the midst of our crazy lives---what a sweet testimony of His gifts in our lives. He allows us to do something we love and it blesses someone at the same time! Thanks again---I will keep my eyes open for MY opportunity to bless someone with kindness~ Hugs~

  5. PS---LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog layout! One of the best "blogspots" I've seen---do tell where you came up with it!! :)

  6. What a special story and wonderful inspiration Julie! Thank you so much for sharing! LOVE your card!

  7. BRAVO! Love your story Julie. It is important to take note of the little things and people in our daily lives. It is all about giving back to others, and I believe this talent/craft allows us to do that in a fulfilling way. You listened to the higher voice, and made someone's day! That should feel amazing. You may even have sparked a new friendship, you may have otherwise missed out on too.

  8. That's a great story, and a wonderful reminder of what our priorities are. You've definitely inspired me to give a card to someone . . . thank you for sharing.

  9. I know who you're talking about and I have seen a change in her too. That was sweet of you to make her a card and what you wrote was very well said. You're such a great person Julie. I'm lucky to know you! Mary

  10. Thank you for sharing your story...I plan to send a card to someone this week.


  11. This has really inspired me to make a card or two this weekend to pass out to a few co-workers next week. Thanks!

  12. I have a friend who's Mom has breast cancer. I was talking to my friend (Melanie) one day and she was telling me that her mom (Mary) reads my blog pretty much every day. My blog makes her smile, and she loves looking at the cards I make. I send her a card every once in a while just to say Hi or let her know that I'm thinking of her during her difficult chemo and such. She sent me an email back letting me know she got the last card I sent and that she really loves receiving these little blessings.Even if I never get on a DT or get something published, I know this craft is bringing blessings into people's lives, and that's why I love it so much. Thank you for writing this post, and I hope you are BLESSED today!

  13. {{{Julie!}}} What a wonderful, heartfelt post, and such a good reminder to all of us not to get too 'caught up' in the externals of the stamping industry and just do what we do for the love of it. That's where the good stuff is! I know you made your co-worker's day and strengthened her resolve to stay on her spiritual path. Bravo, Julie!

  14. What a wonderful story you have shared. I do believe that God gives us these gifts to share. I have been feeling the nudge to make cards for specific people to give them a lift and encourage them. That's why I started this hobby in the first place. Thanks for always being a REAL voice for God and living your faith for all to see (and read).

  15. what a sweet story to share with us! I love these little nuggets we get in keep our focus & allow ourselves to feel the nudging to do God's bidding. I'm sure your card meant the world to her & you are blessed in turn. Can't wait to see if more comes out of this reaching out. Take care of yourself!

  16. Thank you Julie, I came over to your blog to get an inspiration for a layout and I get Inspiration of a different kind too. You see, I need to make bunch of sympathy cards and I haven't stamped (much) in about 4 years. Last night a bright & shining, stellar athlete, young man from our little community died (with his girlfriend) in a car accident. His twin brother survived. They were on their way home from college for the weekend. His parents, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins are all customers in our store and are personal friends. The boys same age range as my kids. The whole town is in shock and heartbroken. Thru my tears I hope I can do this. Keep the Freeman family in your prayers.

    If I can I will post the cards on my blog. Thank you again for your message.
    with a kindrid spirit, peggyann

  17. Hi Julie, I ended up on your blog from Tera Fujan. She has a list of creative nurses and your blog was on the list!! God is good all the time!!! Your story is inspiring, I will remember it as I live my life! I too believe God's instruction to us, on how to live our lives, is what being a Christian is all about. Very simple really!! Hugs and even greater blessings as you continue on your journey!! Your sister in Christ and in nursing, Willow

  18. Great story!!
    Thanks for your sharing mind.keep posting
    Your blog design is beautiful...
    Your font selection is good
    really appreciate you..!!!!

  19. Amen! I could not agree more. I starting blogging last fall and was alway so anxious to see if anyone had stopped to visit and leave a comment about the project i posted. I have watched the numbers on other peoples blogs soar while mine continue to crawl. So I was going to stop blogging altogether when I had to stop and say to myself to stop doing it for the glory. All of the glory and praise goes to Jesus Christ. There may be something on my blog someday that will help or inspire someone, so I am not going to stress about it, will just have fun. Thank you so much for being such a blessing to that women and to us.

  20. What an awesome story, Julie---I do that on occasion, making someone a card "just because", and the difference it can make in their day, their life, their journey with God---it's amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Julie, thank you for your openness in sharing your faith with us - you truly are an inspiration.
    I appreciated your challlenge last week. This is what is in my heart - to bless others just because, but life and stress and busyness get in the way so often. It was good to have a reminder to make it a priority and to act when I feel God prompting me to do something. It's that still small voice that needs to be my guide much more than I allow it to be sometimes.
    Thought you might like to see the card I did in response to God's prompting and your nudging.

  22. Julie, I'm sorry I think I linked the wrong card.
    It should be this one:


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