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Nov 29, 2007

You've GOT to Check This Out!

This is the most hillarious thing I've seen in a long time! You can make one for your family too! Please check this out! Click the colored link below:

I made a complete ELF out of myself!!!


  1. I luv it Julie, it's soooo cute!!! You dance so should be on dancing with the stars!!! hehehe!!!

  2. What an absolute hoot! Too funny. Know this will now make the circuit in my family! Thanks for the link!

  3. Oh my goodness, Julie! I almost busted a gut! Here's my kids doing the jive...thanks for the fun!

    My Elvish Children

  4. I did this a while back. It is TOO much fun!
    I did one of John's parents with his 104 year old grandmother! man, you wanna see funny!!!

  5. How cute it that? Thanks for sharing!!


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