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Oct 19, 2007

This & That

This is a posting of mismatched things that I want to share. :) The picture above is a card done by Julee Tilman (I always get messages from people complimenting me on "my" cards, when they are actually made by someone else! It just goes to show that sometimes people don't actually read posts... but like to look at the pictures. I know I'm guilty of this too sometimes! I just want to give credit where credit is due!) :)

Julee sent me this awesome card that uses those fun Wordsworth stick people stamps! (LOVE THEM!) I just love all the details! ... The fringe, the "sheriff" badge... it's all so cute! I also received these FUN glitter pens! I love anything that glitters, so this is such an awesome surprise! I entered a contest on her site -
Verve Visual - and found out that I had won this prize! Yeah!

This is a picture I wanted to share of my two boys. They were being so cute and actually let me take a picture... and they're SMILING! (This can be a big challenge sometimes!) They're getting so big! They're my life -- my heart!

This is a picture of Eli right after he lost his first tooth! (It's in the little baggie) The next morning Eli ran to us and said he could see everywhere that the Tooth Fairy had been! He showed us the 'matching paper' that she pulled out of our printer and the VERY marker that she used to write the note that she left! Can you believe that?!? She's not very sly. I think she had better get a little more clever next time! Apparently, we've got a CSI investigator in the family.


  1. Nice RAK. See, I did read your blog -- he he. The fringe is a neat touch. You have such cute, cute boys!

  2. Your boys are adorable!! What great smiles! :) Lucky you - a beautiful card from Julee!! :)

  3. What a great card from Julee...she's amazing, isn't she? Congrats on your win too!

    That photo of your boys together is precious. I love the casual arm slung around the shouldrer! They are just too cute for words. Beautiful children Julie (although coming from you, I'd expect that! You are GORGEOUS yourself.)

  4. Oh my, Julie....what 'gorgeous' boys you have....the girls are gonna be 'haunting' your home before you know it! Handsome, Handsome, Handsome and SMART too! LOL...thanks for sharing your life and all of your 'creations' with us!
    Hugs, Barb g

  5. Your boys are so cute! I think they will be quite the heartbreakers one day! That's too funny about your little investigator!


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