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Jan 1, 2006

My Bio

Hi! My name is Julie Campbell. I am a mom of two energetic boys (11 & 7) & the wife of a creative and talented husband. I work part-time as an operating room nurse at a pediatric hospital. We live in a small, rural town in Indiana. When you're surrounded by cornfields, it's good to have a hobby! Like a lot of people, crafting is my therapy!

I really feel like everyone is born with creativity. I had an art teacher in elementary school that really believed in me and encouraged me to work on my 'art'. Over the years, I've done everything from quilting to painting to pottery... but when I discovered paper crafting a few years ago, I knew I had found my niche. I love sending cards to people and finding out that it really meant something to them. It's amazing how much you can touch someone's life just by doing what you love.


  1. Hello, Julie & greetings from Wisconsin! I stumbled upon your blog while googling for an old friend that shares your name. I just had to take a moment and comment on how beautiful your blog is. I have honestly never seen a blog layout so creative, colorful, and as joyful as yours. I found myself instantly smiling when coming to your page. You should be proud of the great job you (or your designer) has done here... God bless & good luck in everything you do!

  2. Hi Julie,
    I got Stamped In His Image blog this morning and it is soooo refeshing to see how happy and how decent that you write it is truly a blessing to see something wholesome and clean and I love your music also. Hope to get more news from you my dear.
    You are truly talented with a gift from God..
    Thank you very kindly,

  3. Hi Julie:
    I just found your blog and love it especially your title and your work is fantastic. On a personal note my maiden name was Campbell, so it is always fun to meet someone with the same name somewhere along the line. You are a very talented woman and know that you are being blessed everyday with His Love.

  4. What a enlightening blog, Julie! I'm amazed at the amount of info you've included. I just bought my first Nestability and I love it! I was just asking my DH for ideas in storing it; I like the magnetic book you made. Thanks for sharing the idea!
    I also live in Indiana (Goshen), but travel to Indianapolis to care for my 8 mon. old grandson. I'm curious if you live close by.
    Blessings on your day!

  5. I just had to leave you a note to tell you how happy I was when I found your blog! :D Amazing what it does to your heart when you find another believer - it kind of "bumps"... ;) Be blessed in your further beautiful scrapping! Hugs from Norway!

  6. Julie-

    Your blog title is what caught my attention (how awesome is that!?) Your work is fabulous and I am in awe as I look at your creations and think- did she come up with this on her own? The Lord has certainly blessed you with your talent and your family!

  7. Love your blog! Great title and fabulous cards!

  8. I've been following your blog for the past few months. Just love your work! I really like Unity stamps too-you are doing such a fabulous job with their images.

  9. Hi there from Brighton, Ontario, Canada. I came to your blog (I actually don't know from where!!!) lol and man, am I glad I did. I'm just hanging here with my 11 year old who is asking "what song is that" and "what song is that"..and we are jewish! I love Jesus and your music is amazing. Your site is soulful right into the tummy. The feel of your site is incredible; I could say it is the color, which is so fun. I could say it is the birdie playing with your name, which is absolutely amazing and we wonder how he is doing that???? And I could say it is all the wonderful tidbits of info on it. But....He speaks. YaHoo. I know where to come for a real hit of artistry in the Highest Sense. All the Power to you sister. You've Done it...Certainly what I am for In Blogging. xox SQUISHY HUGS.

  10. Julie...Thanks for letting me know I was a winner at Embellish!! [a proud 1st for me!!] I didn't even know until I saw your comment! I really appreciate your visit--you live in Brazil?!? That's so cool!! I'd love to meet you sometime--who knows--maybe we have already!! Do you mind telling me what part of town you live in--although it sounds like maybe you live outside of town. And--I have to ask...where do you go to church?!? Your blog looks great! I'll have to take a good look around when I get done commenting! Thanks again for stopping to visit!! Hope to hear from you again!!


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